Muslimpergi, the first & the most up to date in Digital Transformation of the Umrah Hajj Industrial Revolution 5.0

The First & The Most Up to date in Digital System Transformation for Umrah and Hajj Agency.

One System Package for your Umrah Travel Agency needs. Umrah travel agency management becomes more efficient and maximum so that it is expected to increase package sales


Muslimpergi System Features

One System Package for Your Needs


Payment Gateway Integration Feature

A feature makes it easier for everyone to make transactions through the application. Then, the user would make transactions through multiple pathways, such as a virtual account, a bank transfer to a mini-market. With such features, users no longer need to do it through cash or face-to-face.


Share Moment Feature

It offers convenience for each of your Umrah Agency pilgrims to share every moment while in the Holy Land. With the SHARE MOMENT FEATURE, your pilgrims can share photos, videos, and every moment of happiness during their Umrah. Of course, the pilgrims also can easily save the file on their own smartphones.


Multiple Branch Feature

Agent applications can be shared, both by the head office and branches, even though each branch uses a different website address. So, each branch of your Umrah agency will be facilitated because it has direct access to manage the administration of each branch of the Umrah agency such as managing agents, agent fees, and the Umrah package independently.


Congregation Map Features Nabawi Mosque

Knowing in real-time which positions are filled or crowded before the pilgrims performs congregational prayers at the Prophet's mosque.


Now it's all Digitals

We're here to solve the current problem of services that is less qualified, unprofessional, and nontransparent. So that the services to God's guests can be professional.

Features A - Z

Starting from self-registration of pilgrims, package management, manifest, itinerary, to agency

More Economic

The cost and time for development and maintenance system are expensive.

The Cost-Based on Usage

Focus on your business side, no technical stuff, no installation, and configuration.


Use it for free and spend only on the number of pilgrims traveling with you.

The Pilgrims Mobile Application

Application support for field needs such as automatic tawaf and sa'i counters, package bookings, etc.

Mobile Application for Agents

Application support for agent needs in the field such as available packages, number of remaining seats, etc.

About MuslimPergi

Your Travel System Partner

Travel management becomes more efficient and maximum so that it is expected to increase package sales.

Providing the best service

We are an IT company that helps Umrah travel agencies to upgrade their overall system from management, sales, and service to the pilgrims.

We provide a complete IT system package consisting of websites and applications, both for bureaus, agents, and pilgrims.

Our experience in handling travel agency IT systems since 2016 are ready to work together to advance travel agencies to provide the best service for pilgrims.

  • Vision We're focusing on the development of the digital management systems in the field of Umrah and Hajj also we're always innovating the system in order to produce a useful effort, best, trusted, and the largest in Indonesia.
  • Mission
    1. Becoming a strategic partner of travel agencies for Umrah and Hajj travel agencies in managing and serving Allah's guests.
    2. Providing the best and the most complete features so that the Umrah and Hajj travel agency can run its business to the fullest.
    3. Providing convenience in terms of service to travel agents for Umrah and Hajj
About Us

Muslimpergi, All in One Umrah Travel Management System With One Click.

We're a startup that helps the Umrah and Hajj bureau business processes as a whole with digital technology, starting from the management system of the bureau, agents, and pilgrims both when they are in their home country before departure, during the worship process in the holyland, to returning to their own country.

Do you habe a problem with a travel management that is not centralized yet? We have the perfect solution for that.

Digitizing Hajj & Umrah Travel Agencies

Digital waves have been felt by all sectors of business, even with their effects it has been experienced by the umrah and hajj travel agencies in service to theirpilgrims.

Muslimpergi offers a management application system that facilitates integrated management for Umrah travel organizers (PPIU) so that they can follow digital trends that occur. We started from concerns about the traditional business processes carried out by PPIU and the number of unscrupulous travel agencies that ultimately sacrificed the congregation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to solve the above problems so that services to pilgrims can be professional, good quality, and hope that Allah will bring blessings.

No, we are an IT company that helps the umrah travel bureau to upgrade the system as a whole, starting from the management, sales, and service side of the congregation.

Yes, agents will get a special mobile application to optimize their performance. Please download the agent application at the following link Agent Application

The applications that we upload to the Play Store and App Store use the name of the umrah and hajj travel agencies and not the name of MuslimPergi. In the business, it is called white labeling.

To use the MuslimPergi system, you only need to pay a certain amount of money according to the number of pax departing each month. For the nominal, please contact us in the top right corner menu.

We will first review the web that is already owned by the travel agency. The options we offer are usually:

  • Buying a new domain and the old domain is still alive but by adding a special menu that leads to the new web domain.
  • Replacing the web as a whole with the web from MuslimPergi. This option is usually because the existing web is less informative and has no traffic.

Pilgrims transfer money manually either by coming to the bank or through an ATM. We do not provide payment gateway options

Umrah pilgrims transfer their money directly to travel bureau accounts. Only transfer receipts are uploaded to our system to speed up transfer validation.

Now The Pilgrims Can Register Directly

So, let's make it easy for your travel agency congregation by using the Muslim Go system So that your travel agency will also be easy to market the packages that are sold.

Contact Us

Our office address

Contact now MuslimPergi by contacting the existing contact person or email address listed to get the MuslimPergi system.

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  • Jl. Bone Utama No.13C, Banyuanyar, Kec. Banjarsari,
    Kota Surakarta, 57137

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